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A Cut Above The Rest

At The Hop, we work with you from start to finish to design one-of-a-kind shirts. When you order a custom shirt from us, we’re measuring, designing and creating your shirt in the back of our New York City shop.

Individually Cut

Many shops today claim to make custom shirts, but actually rely on standard block cuts and sizing, and outsource the shirtmaking to third-party vendors. Our measurements are taken from your shoulder to your bicep to your forearm to your wrist.

Pattern Making

From your measurements, we create a personal pattern tailored to you. This ensures that every custom shirt we make will fit exactly the same. If your size changes over time, we change the pattern, too. We keep your measurements and custom pattern on file until next your next order. Just like they did it in the old days.

On-Site Expertise

We are fourth generation shirtmakers. From your first fitting to the last, an experienced, in-house tailor will be measuring and creating your custom shirt.

Tough Fits

We have experience working with all shapes and sizes. Nothing makes us happier than applying our expertise to all body types and making customers feel great.

Fine Fabrics

We have relationships with top textile mills around the world where we source fresh seasonal cloth. Our fabrics are hand picked for you, so we know they feel good.


We explore variations in design, fabrics and details to create distinguished garments. From collars to cuffs, front plackets to buttons, no one element is too small to be personalized.

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